How to create a QR code with Google sheets

Generating QR codes using Google sheets
May 03 2020

Creating a QR code in Google sheets is very simple. In this tutorial we will be using Google's QR code generator to create the QR image. Using this tutorial will show how you can generate lots of QR codes very quickly. 

Step 1: Setup your columns and sample data

Setting up the data and columns for QR code generation

Add a column title "QR content" to column A and "QR code" to column B

Step 2: Construct the QR image URL

QR codes generated by Google sheets

The QR code will be generated dynamically from the Google QR code generation service. Add the following formula in cell B2




The chl argument in the URL is taken from the value of the data in cell A2, and we pass this variable through the ENCODEURL function which ensures that the content is correctly formatted to be used in a URL.

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